Turkish Agency: Afrin Meets The Needs Of PKK In Antakya’s Amanos Mounts

Agencies (Qasioun) – The Turkish Anadolu Agency said on Tuesday that the terror group of Kurdistan workers’ party PKK militant group located at Amanos mountain in Hatay Province southern Turkey “Meets the needs of their operatives through Afrin”


The PKK/PYD is the Syrian wing of the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and EU.


The Agency said that Amanos Mountains -- which is also known as Nur Mountains -- has emerged as a hideout for PKK/PYD, where the terrorist organization plots attacks.


The Agency added that Afrin district which lies near the Turkish-Syrian borders “is used by PKK terror group for training and logistic organize”


“In the last three years, more than 40 terrorists, who were trained about the use of explosives and ammunition, came to Amanos Mountains from Afrin district” Anadolu Agency said.


A terrorist named Resit Kodaks, confessed that he joined PKK/PYD in Afrin district.


Kodaks was sentenced to 29 years in jail after being caught by citizens with one M-16 gun and two hand grenades.


He said that he was brainwashed ideologically and trained by the terrorist organization, adding that PKK used to pay him $100 per month.


"I did not like what I saw in the organization, I regretted my wrongdoings. We were six recruits at Amanos Mountains, I escaped and surrendered," he said.


Kodaks said he had never participated in terrorist attacks.


Another terrorist, who was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months in jail after being caught near Turkey-Syria border in Hatay province, also made some confessions.


24-year-old woman Y.B., who was 4-month pregnant at the time of arrest in 2012, said she had been affiliated with the organization for the past 9 years.


"I was recruited without my will. They told me that I was in wanted list of terrorists, so I hid for a while in Iran and Iraq," she said.


The terrorist said she was trained moved to Syria. "I did not manage to escape the organization. They held me in Afrin for 7 months," she added.


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