Israeli Warplanes Hit Syrian Regime Positions Eastern Damascus


Damascus (Qasioun) - The Israeli occupation warplanes carried out airstrikes on Tuesday's dawn and targeted locations followed to the Syrian regime forces near Qutaida city Eastern Rif Dimashq province.


local sources said that explosion sounds were heard in all Eastern Qalamon area near Qutaifa town, the airstrikes targeted long-range missiles' warehouses and other positions followed to the Syrian regime forces, in addition to bombarding warehouses consisting weapons for the Syrian regime's 3rd division.


Syrian regime media sources said that the airstrike came from the Lebanese airspace using 4 Israeli warplanes.


Previously, Similar airstrikes carried out by the Israeli occupation warplanes targeted the Syrian regime positions around Damascus and targeted the Scientific Research buildings in Jamraya area eastern Damascus.


The areas that were targeted by Israeli airstrikes during the last 2 months were (The Scientific research centres near Mesyaf in Hama countryside, the brigade 116 near Dumair in Rif Dimashq province, Military positions near Golan heights, the 1st division centres near Keswa area and Radar brigade in Dumair military airbase in Rif Dimashq province) all followed to the Syrian regime forces.