Russian Sources Reveal The Kind Of Weapon Used To Bombard Humaimim … And Acquits Syrian Opposition

The Kind Of Weapon Used To Bombard The Russian Airbase Of Humaimim Is Not Owned By The Syrian Opposition Forces, A Document Was Leaked From The Syrian Regime Intelligence Services Accusing One Of Its Militias For Bombarding The Airbase.

(Qasioun) – The Russian website «Vistnik Mordovii» said that after a poll was conducted among some military experts, the shelling over the Russian airbase of Humaimim was conducted by a Russian-produced artillery.


The website said that the artillery is Vislek, a 1950s soviet weapon and still used by most of the armies across the world and Russia still producing it.



The website said that Syrian regime forces doesn’t own this kind of artillery, adding that the group (who bombarded Humaimim) used this kind for its light weight that does not exceed 630kg., also it is easy to move it and most of the anti-missiles systems cannot defeat all its bombs. The range of Vislek reaches 4.250 km.


According to Wikipedia, only the Syrian regime forces, Kurdish people’s protection units YPG and Ansar Al-Sham Islamic group owns this weapon in Syria.


The 2B9 Vasilek is an automatic 82 mm gun-mortar. It was based on the F-82 automatic mortar. Unlike conventional mortars, the 2B9 can fire in single and automatic mode using four-round clips. Rounds can be loaded from either the muzzle or the breech. Because of its wheeled carriage, the 2B9 resembles a light artillery piece more than a conventional mortar.


Noteworthy that the Syrian opposition nearest point to Humaimim airbase is Qalaat Al-Madiq area northwestern Hama, which is far 40 km. away from the airbase.


Document leaked from Syrian regime intelligence accusing Iranian militias for bombarding Humaimim.


Qasioun News Agency could get a copy from a leaked document from the general intelligence services followed to the Syrian regime, the document accuses groups inside areas held by the Syrian regime for bombarding Humaimim airbase last month.


The document says “Order to investigate and search immediately for a terror group existing in Latakia countryside (Bustan Al-Pasha area) where the National defense forces and other armed groups area existing, as this group conducted attacks that led to casualties for the Russian allying forces located in Humaimim airbase, and to focus on the groups close to the so-called “Alewight revolutionary movement” in the area”


The Syrian revolutionary powers delegation’s media committee chief, Ayman Al-Asmy, said during a televised interview with Al-Arabiya channel “the groups are followed to Iran and called Jamyat Al-Emam Reda” and was weaponized at the beginning of the Syrian revolution” adding that Syrian opposition forces are far away from Humaimim and cannot bombard it with short-range missiles.


Russian journalist denies the MoD claims and publish pictures for the destroyed warplanes in Humaimim


The Russian Journalist, Roman Saponkov, published pictures for the Russian warplanes that were hit, few hours after the Russian Ministry of Defense have denied targeting any of its warplanes in Humaimim airbase.


Saponkov’s pictures shows the clear damage as it shows the 7 warplanes targeted by armed groups in Humaimim airbase southeastern Latakia.



Saponkov commented on his 3 published pictures on Facebook that the damage occurred in the engines of some warplanes, he indicated in details the type of hit warplanes (4 SU-24, 2 SU-35S, Antonov-72).


The Russian defense ministry denied any information about bombarding its warplanes in Syria and only said that 2 military personnel were killed following an attack with Grad missiles conducted by armed groups on December 31, 2017.


Abdulrazak Al-Mahdy calls to bombard Russia’s Humaimim


The Syrian opposition member Abdulrazak Al-Mahdy called on Thursday to bombard the Russian airbase of Humaimim and the Syrian regime airbases.


Al-Mady, a former legitimate in HTS, posted on his official telegram channel “bombard Humaimim airbase and the airbases that warplanes are taking off from it who destroyed everything”.


He called the factions northern Syria and Eastern Ghouta, he said “the Grad missiles range is 40 km, according to the Syrian opposition positions, it could reach all the airbases, it is a strategic weapon to face those gangs”