Syrian Opposition Senior Reveals To Qasioun The Latest Updates On Olive Branch Operation

Aleppo (Qasioun) – The 9th brigade spokesman followed to the Syrian opposition forces, Anas Haji Yahia, revealed the latest military updates on Olive Branch operation in Afrin area.


The spokesman said “Clashes are running among the operation, no problem if we withdraw a village or an area, the most important thing in the war is to achieve our targets soon or later”


The spokesman indicated that the withdrawal “Could be an ambush to pull the separatist PYD fighters, we can’t reveal more details but the next days we will escalate the clashes intense against the separatist group” pointing out that “The civilians safety is a priority in our battle”


Noteworthy that FSA could seize several villages in Afrin area, especially Bolbol and Rajo fronts and western Jandaris in addition to military positions in Bursaya mountain near Azaz city northern Aleppo.