A leader in ISIS confesses his cooperation with the Syrian regime and the killing of opponents in Daraa

A leader in the "Islamic State" organization (ISIS) admitted receiving orders from the Assad regime's intelligence that aimed to liquidate opponents and civilians in Daraa Governorate.

According to the "Ahrar Houran" group, after the military operation launched by the people of the city of "Jassem" in the countryside of Daraa to pursue members and leaders of the "Islamic State" organization, and to arrest some of them, a videotape of the confessions of the so-called "Rami Al-Salakhdi" showed the involvement of the organization's members in carrying out assassinations for the benefit of the security services. The Assad regime's security forces and Iran have affected a number of opponents of the Assad regime and Iran in the region.

The confessions in the video showed Al-Salkhadi's involvement in monitoring the movements of the people the Assad regime intends to get rid of in coordination with the organization. He also talked about the meeting of a group of the organization to assassinate "Kanan Al-Eid", who was killed two days after his return from the Emirates.

In conjunction with the publication of Al-Salakhdi’s confessions, an audio clip of the former commander in the Free Army, “Wael Khalil Al-Ghubaini,” one of Jassem’s sons, was spread on social media, in which he talks about the whereabouts of the murdered “Kanan Al-Eid” and the people with him, the number of gunmen among them and the type of weapon present. With them, with a recommendation from Al-Ghubini to the implementers of the operation that it should be implemented today, as it is the appropriate time for implementation.

It is worth noting that in early July of this year, the assembly published a report revealing the link between the Islamic State and Iran, and the report talked about the assassination of the former leader of the Free Army, "Kinan al-Eid," who was killed by an armed group that stormed his house and shot him. The operation resulted in the killing of Eid and the injury of another person who was with him.