Response coordinators highlight the situation of the displaced in northern Syria

The "Syria Response Coordinators" team reported that thousands of Syrian families in the region are facing poverty and misery with the onset of winter, amid expectations of lower temperatures in the coming period.

The team added in a statement today, Thursday, October 20, that the current camps for the displaced suffer from overcrowding, while housing in the existing houses is restricted and even a place in the buildings is incomplete.

He said that the matter has become almost impossible, as the number of camps in northwest Syria has increased significantly during the last period, reaching 1,633 camps, inhabited by 181,578 people, including 514 random camps inhabited by 311,782 people.

He pointed out that the vast majority of the displaced are women and children who, along with other internally displaced persons, are still in dire need of basic assistance and protection.

The team explained that the main needs of the displaced are food, shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene and access to education and that there is currently an urgent need to improve the structure of the shelter at a time when humanitarian assistance is being provided and the situation is getting worse.

He pointed out that a large number of displaced children are out of school, because schools do not have the capacity to absorb more students or children are forced to work to obtain additional resources to secure the families of the region, especially given the poverty rate in the region, which reached a record high of 87.34%, The daily increase in food prices has exceeded 150% in recent months.

It is noteworthy that the displaced people in the camps in northern Syria and near the Turkish border are suffering from difficult humanitarian conditions, especially the bad weather (rain and floods), while continuous calls for humanitarian organizations and councils to alleviate the suffering and provide resources for heating shelter.