An Omani investor establishes an airline in Syria

The Omani investor and businessman, "Mohammed Saleh Al-Khalidi," indicated his willingness to make major investments in Syria, one of which will be in the aviation sector.

Loyal websites stated that, according to a statement by Al-Khalidi on the sidelines of the Tourism Investment Forum 2022, "he wants to invest in tourist facilities in Damascus and northern Syria and in the fields of aviation, given that it is a partner of the East "West Online" company, and there are investments in Latakia that are being discussed by the "Ministry of Tourism." in system government.

In the field of aviation, "Al-Khalidi" announced that he had established the "East West" airline in Syria, which will be activated in 2023, and directed by a number of Arab countries and the European Union.

He explained that out of the number of aircraft that the company will currently maintain, two of them will soon be delivered to Syria to obtain the required license because the "Syrian Minister of Transport" is discussing the obstacles to this project.

It is noteworthy that in mid-2020, the "Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection" agreed to establish a limited liability airline "Peter Airline" to be the eighth private company in Syria to agree to open the "Golden Wings Airlines, Cham Wings Airlines, East West Airlines, and Air Lines". National Air.