Two leaders of ISIS were killed in Daraa countryside

Three ISIS members were killed in Jasim city, following renewed clashes between ISIS and local fighters in Daraa.

According to the "Ahrar Houran" group, on Monday, October 16, the leader of the Islamic State "Abdul Rahman al-Iraqi" was killed in a house in the city of Jasim during the clashes.

It is noteworthy that clashes took place in the city of Jassim between ISIS leaders from the region and a third Lebanese national, while about 10 other members were killed.

The clashes led to the killing of 4 members of the local groups, two brothers Ibrahim Khaled Amira and Osama Khaled Amira from Jassim city, Moataz Turki Al-Bardan from Tafas city, and Basil Muhammad Shaman Al-Saadi from Ankhil city, and a number of others were wounded to varying degrees.

It is noteworthy that groups from the western countryside of Daraa that are affiliated with the central committees with the militias of the Eighth Brigade that is administratively affiliated with the Military Security withdrew two days ago from the city of Jassim, a day after their participation in the fight against the organization's elements.