Military Security carries out a campaign of arrests in the town of Al-Hama, west of Damascus

The forces of the Military Security Branch carried out a campaign of raids on homes and shops in the "Al-Hama town" this afternoon, Saturday, October 15, in search of wanted persons in the city.

The campaign consisted of setting up temporary checkpoints and conducting foot patrols in the streets of the town.

Military security patrols arrested 13 young men from al-Hama, and city officials negotiated the handing over of the same person in exchange for their release.

After negotiations, the man who was looking for him surrendered, after which the Military Security Service released the youths immediately.

According to local sources, military security patrols arrested a young man as he withdrew from the city, which resulted in the arrest of two people, one of whom surrendered.

It is worth mentioning that the security services of the Assad regime carried out, last September, raids, searches and arrests in the towns of Kafr Batna, Saqba, Hammouriyeh, Ein Tarma and Hazza in Eastern Ghouta, which led to the arrest of about 27 young men wanted for compulsory service in the regime forces.