Casualties of the Syrian regime forces in a landmine explosion east of Hama

A number of members of the Syrian regime were killed and others were injured, yesterday, Sunday, October 16, as a result of a landmine explosion east of Hama Governorate in the sector controlled by the regime.

And local media reported that two members of the Syrian regime militia were killed, and six others were wounded, when a landmine exploded in the village of "Al-Tanahej" near Wadi Al-Atheeb in the Salamiyah area, east of Hama.

Medical sources revealed that 8 members of the regime forces arrived at Salamiyah Hospital in the early hours of Monday morning, two of them died and the rest were seriously injured by a landmine explosion.

It is worth noting that dozens were killed in the Wadi al-Atheeb area over the years after the Syrian regime forces were stationed in 2017, as activists directly blamed them for planting mines extensively in the aforementioned area in the area.