After years of spying for the regime... an explosive device kills the head of Talbiseh Council

The head of the local council of Talbiseh city in the northern countryside of Homs, "Ahmed al-Rahhal", was killed this morning, Monday, when an explosive device exploded in his car.

Local sources said: An explosive device exploded in Rahal's car while he was in the western neighborhood of the city, specifically on the "Talbiseh-Jabourin" road.

The source explained that the explosion occurred near one of the military checkpoints of the Assad regime forces, and that al-Rahhal was killed on the spot.

Al-Rahhal is considered one of the most prominent figures close to the regime’s intelligence in the city of Talbiseh, where he held the position of head of the Talbiseh city council for two consecutive terms.

He was also one of those responsible for the settlement file in the northern countryside of Homs, as a member of the security committee, and it is known that he caused the arrest of dozens of Talbiseh and its villages through the reports he submitted to the security detachments.

The Assad regime forces took control of the town of Talbiseh in May 2018, according to a settlement agreement sponsored by Russia that included all areas of the northern countryside of Homs and the southern countryside of Hama.

The agreement stipulated that the opposition factions hand over their heavy weapons and those who refuse the settlement leave for Idlib. Since then, the intelligence services have re-imposed their security grip, imposed compulsory recruitment of young men, and prosecuted the members of the factions who signed the settlement.

On the other hand, the region witnessed limited attempts to confront this security grip through operations targeting members of the security branches and their collaborators, but they did not expand due to the safe influence.