Response Coordinators: The onset of rain proves failure and impotence in camp management

The Syria Response Coordinator Team revealed that with the start of the current year’s rains, the northern Idlib countryside areas witnessed damages recorded within the IDP camps in northwestern Syria, which varied between partial and complete damage.

According to a statement issued by the team, all solutions offered at the current stage or within any future plan are doomed to failure, as the camps have exceeded their life span, in addition to the futility of the solutions currently offered and which are supposed to be worked on previously, which proves The failure to manage the camps completely, and the apparent inability to deal with emergency situations within those camps.

He explained that the region needs radical solutions in the foreseeable future, which is to secure alternative housing for the displaced to ensure stability, and to stop the ongoing attacks of the Assad regime and Russia to ensure the return of the largest possible number of displaced people to their villages and towns.

He also urged the humanitarian organizations working in the area to try to compensate for the damages within those camps, repair the existing damages as a result of the recent rains, and work to provide rain and ground insulation (if possible) for the camps to prevent rain from falling and entering the tents.

He added that work must be done to construct pits and trenches around the camps in general and around each tent in particular, so that these pits provide a primary dam to absorb the first water shock caused by the floods.

It is worth noting that the damage was initially distributed among 7 camps, and ranged from water entering some tents and uprooting dozens of tents in some others, and among these camps is “Al-Zalana Camp” in the town of “Kafr Yahmoul” north of Idlib, where the number of partially damaged tents reached about 32 tents, in When the winds uprooted more than 25 other tents in the camps.