The National Coalition: The international community continues to ignore the Syrian tragedy

Yesterday, Sunday, the Syrian National Coalition issued a statement about Russia's insistence on intimidating civilians in the liberated areas, stressing that the international community's continued disregard for the Syrian tragedy exacerbates the situation.

The statement stated that “the Assad regime and Russia are continuing their terrorist policy towards the liberated areas in Syria, as the Russian warplanes intensified their bombardment on the countryside of Aleppo, targeting civilian and military areas, which led to the deaths and injuries of civilians, and the artillery of the Assad regime intensively bombed civilian areas in Idlib countryside.”

The statement said: The international community's continued neglect of the Syrian tragedy exacerbates the situation and reinforces the danger facing millions of Syrians as a result of the continued bombing and aggression by the Assad regime and its allies.

The National Coalition warned that the criminal regime's treatment of civilians (the Assad regime, Russia, Iran) has become known after thousands of crimes it committed in Syria during eleven years.

It is noteworthy that the National Coalition, in its statement, called on the international community to find an effective mechanism that preserves the lives of civilians in Syria, by deterring Russia and its forces, and advancing the political transition process to ensure an end to human suffering and save lives from the Assad regime.