The Fourth Division and the Intelligence are fighting for control of Moadamiya Al-Sham

A conflict between the Fourth Division, on the one hand, and Military Intelligence and Air Security Forces, on the other, over the administration of the city of Moadamiya al-Sham, left the local council seats vacant due to conflicting differences over the names of the winning local council members in the local council elections organized by the regime last September.

Some of the candidates were supported by the Fourth Division, the Capital Shield Militia, and the Reconciliation Committee, while Air Force Intelligence supported other candidates who were former Medina supporters.

Both parties engaged in a variety of practices including fraud, power grabs, blackouts, and other military and security interventions to shut down rivals and control the local city government.

According to the source of "Sawt Al Asimah", some of the supporters of the Fourth Division ran for the "elections", although their military identity proves that they belong to the "Capital Shield" militia as members or even leaders, which is considered a violation of the "laws" established by the regime itself.

Hassan Al-Ghandour, the coordinator of the Reconciliation Committee and the leader of the "Shi'a capital" militia, collected the personal identities of dozens of citizens, and they were repeatedly selected for each of them in different centers within the city, which were 10 centers.

It is worth noting that the Syrian Network for Human Rights, in a report published last Thursday, confirmed that the local government elections that the Syrian regime held on September 18 in the areas under its control are illegal and illegal.