Hezbollah militia seizes land in Damascus countryside

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia seized land in the al-Tal area in Damascus countryside for the benefit of a resident of the area from outside the Assad regime's control areas.

Local sources said that the Lebanese Hezbollah militia seized a large plot of land with an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters near the town of Al-Dreij in Damascus countryside yesterday evening, Saturday.

The source added that the land belongs to a resident of the region residing in Turkey, who confiscated the land and expelled the guard there.

The source said that the militia immediately transferred to him two prepared rooms and placed them on their edges to monitor his surroundings, and brought more than 30 individuals to stay in them.

The agricultural land seized by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia is located near a camp of Assad's forces in the Al-Dreij area.

The source indicated that the operation to seize agricultural land was carried out by two leaders of the Lebanese militia, who were responsible for the elements that entered and settled on the land.

The Assad regime and its loyal militias seized the livelihood of millions of Syrians, after forcibly displacing them from their homes and sources of livelihood.