Aleppo: The arrest of a person who visits 500 transactions per month for 25 million pounds

The Assad regime's Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of an employee of the Civil Affairs Directorate in Tel Rifaat, rural Aleppo, who was recording the transactions of the death incident by forgery, without following the legal procedures.

The ministry said in a statement yesterday, Saturday, that those involved in forging death transactions were detected and arrested, after information was received to the Criminal Security Branch in Aleppo, about an employee of the Civil Affairs Directorate in the town of "Tal Rifaat" recording death transactions by forgery without following Legal procedures, as described.

She stated that the so-called (Abdul-Razzaq. A.) was arrested, and by searching his office, more than 500 forged incidents were confiscated, including "marriage, divorce, marriage confirmation, dowry, and lineage" data, which were unfounded, computer-confirmed without any documents.

She pointed out that most of the stakeholders are wanted by the Assad regime or outside Syria, and after interrogating him, he admitted that he had registered the aforementioned civil status incidents according to forged rulings and in a way that violated the laws and regulations in exchange for material benefit and without the presence of the stakeholders.

By interrogating him, it was found that these transactions are returned to him through employees and transaction managers, and he records them in return for sums of money and keeps them with him without sending them to the Audit Division so that his matter will not be exposed, and that he receives monthly sums of money from these transactions about 25 million Syrian pounds.

She added that 3 people working as transaction managers were arrested, and the employees involved with them, who were 8 people, were arrested, and the Mukhtar of Al-Hamdaniya neighborhood was arrested, who admitted that he had given the dowry of a death certificate in the name of Mwatana without making sure that she resides in the neighborhood in which he is assigned.

It is worth noting that the areas under the control of the Assad regime are witnessing a state of chaos and the spread of corruption, bribery and mediation in all government institutions, where anyone can take out any transaction or document by paying money and bribes.