The Fourth Division planted mines in the vicinity of its headquarters in Damascus countryside for fear of being attacked

This morning, Friday, the "Fourth Division" militia planted mines in the vicinity of its headquarters in the western countryside of Damascus and the border areas with Lebanon.

And local media said: The members of the Fourth Division began laying mines in the vicinity of their positions near the border village of Rakhleh and next to the town of Dimas, which is under the control of the security branches of the regime forces.

The sources added that the Fourth Division began taking these measures to protect its headquarters from any possible attack by Iranian militias or even security branches and militias allied with the regime forces.

The source stated that the "Fourth Division" planted about eight mines in the vicinity of five of its headquarters and military points in the area. The planting of mines began from the early morning hours and continued until ten in the morning.

The mine laying process was supervised by officers in the Fourth Division, one of them with the rank of major, and military experts specialized in the field of mines and explosives, with a special team working for special forces.

The mine-laying operations come after a group of the "Fourth Division" was kidnapped and killed by unknown assailants in separate areas in the western Damascus countryside.