New targeting of civilians and soldiers in Daraa

Yesterday, Thursday, an explosive device exploded near the house of former commander Ghassan Aba Zeid in the Al-Arba'een neighborhood in Daraa Al-Balad city, without causing any human damage.

The Ahrar Houran Gathering said that the bomb targeted the former Free Army commander Ghassan Aba Zeid, who worked as a former commander in the Al-Tawhid Brigade in the Free Army before colonization and did not join any military entity affiliated with the regime.

In al-Sanamayn in the north, Hassan Mar’i al-Shattar was killed after being targeted by direct fire from unknown assailants in the center of the city last Wednesday night.

In the same town, the young Hamza Al-Falah was shot in the head after unknown persons in the town targeted a member of the Iranian Fourth Division.

The day before yesterday, the body of the young man Youssef al-Louh was found in the palm groves in Daraa al-Balad, bearing traces of bullet wounds, a citizen selling mobile phones.

The day before yesterday, the people found the body of the young man Abu Al-Hariri, west of the town of Nassib in the eastern countryside of Daraa. He comes from the town of Sheikh Miskin in the middle countryside of Daraa. He was kidnapped about a month ago. He is a civilian who works at a gas station.

It is noteworthy that Daraa has witnessed the highest rate of killing and targeting of regime forces, workers, former leaders of the opposition factions, civilians and drug dealers, since the signing of the settlement agreement signed by the Free Army factions with the regime under Russian auspices. in July 2018.