An official at Latakia port reveals the size of the losses of the maritime sector

A source in Lattakia Port reported that the number of ships filling the port decreased by about 30 ships per month, which exacerbates the losses incurred by the maritime sector, according to local media reports.

The source cited the following as the reason for the decrease in the number of ships heading to the port of Latakia, is “financial restrictions on transferring funds to and from Syria and the desire of various commodity suppliers to close the port from Tartus, due to its location, which contributes to reducing times and costs, which led to a decrease in the number of The ships that dock in the port of Latakia are about 30 ships per month.

The source stated that the Western economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian economy affected the maritime transport and caused huge losses in the maritime sector, the impact of which was manifested on all workers in the maritime sector and its various segments, which negatively affected the reality of life. Citizen.

In this regard, the Association of Customs Agents in the Latakia regime called for an increase in the level of work at the container terminal in the port to facilitate the unloading of goods in order to avoid delays in the unloading process, which could lead to economic fines and then fines in Syrian pounds instead of foreign currency.

It should be noted that the total amount of goods traded through the berths of the General Company for Lattakia Port in the first half of this year was more than 810 thousand tons, and the number of ships that were filled in the port was 150, while the number of containers was 55 thousand containers, given that the capacity of the port is cargo. Currently received, about 13 million tons annually.