UN report: Finland violates the rights of the children of its citizens in the Syrian camps

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child accused Helsinki of violating the rights of Finnish children who have been living for years in camps in Syria, ISIS families, in life-threatening conditions.

"Finland has the responsibility and authority to protect Finnish children in the Syrian camps from any imminent threat to their lives by taking steps to repatriate them," the committee said in a statement.

The Committee found that Finland did not give due consideration to the best interests of children when considering applications for repatriation from their families, knowing that the opinions and recommendations of its members are not binding.

The committee issued its report after examining a case filed on behalf of 6 Finnish children who are currently detained in the "Al-Hol camp" in northeastern Syria.

Since the relatives of these children brought the case before the committee in 2019, 3 of them were able to leave the camp alone with their mothers and eventually returned to Finland.

Al-Hol camp, which houses about 56,000 people, is the largest among the camps set up in the region to house relatives of militants suspected of belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS), most of whom are women and children.

It is worth noting that according to a report issued by Save the Children last year, two children spend a week in al-Hol camp due to the appalling conditions, while the United Nations reported that more than a hundred murders occurred in the camp in 18 months.