In order to recruit her, PKK youth kidnapped a teenage girl in Al-Hasakah

The so-called "Revolutionary Youth" of the Kurdistan Workers' Party "PKK" kidnapped another minor girl in Western Kurdistan "Syrian Kurdistan" with the aim of forcibly recruiting her into the ranks of the party's forces.

Local sources in the region told BasNews that the youths of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) kidnapped the 15-year-old girl, "Nujan Muhammad Khair Khalaf", from Tal Al-Hajar in Al-Hasakah to be forcibly recruited into the ranks of the party's People's Protection Units.

The Kurdish human rights activist Omar Ahmed had previously said: The "Revolutionary Youth" who are directly monitored by PKK cadres, kidnapped more than twenty boys and girls up to the age of 16 in al-Jazeera, Kobani, al-Shahba and Aleppo and transported them to PKK camps for forced conscription. .

Ahmed explained that "the People's Protection Units and the Women's Protection Units, which are supervised by the PKK, do not oppose the recruitment of these individuals into its armed forces, but rather subject them to intellectual and military courses to oppose their return to their families."

The youth kidnapped 4 minors, including 3 brothers, in Kobani within a week, with the aim of recruiting them.

It is worth noting that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has recruited hundreds of children between the ages of 14 and 15 to use them in their futile wars, and this party practices the kidnapping of children, taking advantage of the social conditions of some to lure them or force them to join their armed forces.