With the advent of winter, a gallon of diesel fuel in Syria reaches 140,000 Syrian pounds

The prices of diesel have increased significantly in the areas of the Syrian regime, exceeding the prices of gasoline, as the price of a gallon of diesel has reached about 140,000 Syrian pounds on the black market with the approach of winter.

Sources loyal to the Syrian regime stated, "The price of a liter of heating oil on the black market has reached 7,000 Syrian pounds, meaning that a gallon of 20 liters is sold for 140,000 Syrian pounds."

He added, "During this period, the demand for diesel increased with the start of distribution of allocations, so that those who do not need their allocations sell their allocations, either through their acquaintances or through advertising on social media."

Gasoline is currently sold on the black market at a price between 6000 and 6500 Syrian pounds per liter, which means that a liter of diesel is about 500 Syrian pounds more than gasoline.

For nearly two years, the Syrian regime-controlled areas have witnessed a severe fuel, gasoline, gas and diesel crisis, which prompted the regime’s government to take strict measures to legalize these materials and cancel subsidies and allocations. The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Russian and Iranian supplies to Syria in general, especially with the Western sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime .