Including the abolition of hard labor, Presidential amendments to the Penal Code

On Monday, March 28, the Syrian "head of the regime" Bashar al-Assad issued a new law that includes amendments to a number of articles of the Penal Code.

The new law abolished the penalty of life and temporary hard labor, from the Penal Code and all other legislation, and replaced it with temporary and life imprisonment.

The new law specifies the penalty for every Syrian who spreads false or exaggerated news that undermines the prestige or prestige of the state, with imprisonment for at least six months and deserves the same punishment, "according to the law."

The new law also raises the minimum and maximum penalties for inconvenience, misdemeanor and criminal fines, according to "SANA" news agency loyal to the head of the regime.

According to the amendments, “the penalty for those who make calls in Syria aimed at compromising national or national identity or awakening racial or sectarian strife is temporary detention.”

The new law increases penalties for those who steal cars, their contents or any of their external parts, as well as those who steal motorbikes.