Frost waves damage 80% of tobacco nurseries in Tartous

Loyal media confirmed that frost waves and snow storms hit most of the tobacco nurseries in Tartous Governorate.

According to the loyalist newspaper Al-Watan, quoting farmers, their nurseries were damaged in Ain al-Joz village and al-Raqma village in allits villages, as saying that the tobacco nurseries were completely damaged by more than 80% in most of them, and at varying rates in some of them according to the height and region.

They added that they took the necessary measures to confront the storm, but it damaged the nurseries, and demanded the Tobacco Corporation or the Agriculture Directorate to study the situation, count the damage, and compensate them, like the rest of the farmers.

This is because tobacco cultivation is the main resource and the only season for the region.

They pointed out that the same area was subjected to a wave of snow that severely destroyed the olive trees.

For his part, Head of the Department of the Drought Mitigation Fund and Natural Disasters Department in Tartous, "Haider Shaheen", said:The compensation in the fund has laws and conditions and they cannot bypass them, and the most important of these conditions is compensation for production and not for seedlings, and that they addressed the public administration for compensation.

It is noteworthy that farmers in Al-Assad regime-controlled areas were exposed to many disasters and their crops were damaged, either due to fires or heavy rains and storms that swept the area.