Calls to freeze the opposition's attendance at the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee

Syrian opposition figures called for freezing the presence of the Syrian opposition in the meetings of the Constitutional Committee, stressing that this option has become strongly on the table.

The head of the Strategic Consultation Department in the opposition Syrian National Coalition, Ahmed Ramadan, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that Geneva meetings turned into absurd meetings that benefit the regime rather than harm it, and provide cover for the United Nations that it is moving on the Syrian issue.

He added that the results of this tour were not surprising, and that the delegation of the "Negotiating Committee" should stop at this point, not agree to attend any new round of the Constitutional Committee, and ask the UN envoy to identify the blocking party.

In turn, the former chief negotiator of the Negotiating Committee, Mohamed Sabra, confirmed that the failure of the seventh round of the Geneva meetings was expected and did not surprise anyone.

He explained that the committee started according to wrong criteria, and it was established with a will and a Russian decision, in contrast to United Nations resolutions, including Resolution 2254, noting that the course of the Constitutional Committee was originally aimed at disrupting the Geneva process.

Sabra considered that there is no point in continuing the path of stillborn, calling for the suspension of the course of the Constitutional Committee, and to return to adherence to Resolution 2254 with all its paragraphs and to demand its implementation.