To combat leishmaniasis...the Interim Government hands spraying equipment and pesticides to the health of Tal Abyad

The Minister of Health in the Syrian Interim Government, Dr."Maram Al-Sheikh", confirmed that the ministry has handed over to Tal Abyad Health Directorate, in Al-Raqqa countryside, devices for spraying and combating Leishmania flies.

The Minister of Health directed some advice to the people in order to prevent the risk of infection with leishmaniasis, calling to avoid outdoor activities, especially from dusk until dawn, and to avoid places of farms and animal pens to avoid infection.

He also asked them to cover their entire body with clothing and to wear socks.

It is noteworthy that doctors and activists have issued many warnings of the acceleration of the spread of leishmaniasis in the areas of the countryside of Al-Raqqa and the countryside of Aleppo.