She was raped...Freeing a girl with special needs after she was kidnapped in As-Suwayda

There are conflicting civil accounts about the disappearance of a girl in As-Suwayda countryside, southern Syria, who suffers from a diseased condition, and the girl carries the energy of people with special needs.

According to "Sweida 24" network, a girl of no more than 18 years of age disappeared Monday morning, in As-Suwayda city, after leaving her parents' house in Rasas town, south of As-Suwayda city, to buy bread.

The network indicated that after a few hours, the girl's family reached the social activities in Rasas town about the incident to take the necessary measures.

The source added that the people of the town, after hours of intensive research, learned that the girl was in the house of a person in his late fifties, and according to investigations, it was found that the kidnapper wasn’t a resident of the town.

The source pointed out that the townspeople raided the kidnapper's house and arrested him after the girl's liberation.

The network added that the people worked to transfer the girl to As-Suwayda National Hospital because she was in poor condition, where the forensic doctor confirmed that the girl had been subjected to a heinous rape.

According to the source, the townspeople handed over the kidnapper to the relevant security authorities, demanding that the most severe penalties be applied to the criminal.

It is noteworthy that a state of security chaos prevails in most of the villages and towns of As-Suwayda, while the people accuse a local militia and security elements affiliated with the regime of carrying out kidnappings and thefts that As-Suwayda Governorate witnesses from time to time.