The regime reveals the number of tractors it destroyed during the Syrian revolution

The Minister of Agriculture in the government of the regime, Hassan Qatana, announced that more than 35,000 agricultural tractors were lost during the previous ten years of the Syrian revolution, which he described as war,

This, according to him, caused a large deficit in agricultural machinery, which in turn was reflected in agricultural production.

In a statement to the Russian "Sputnik" agency, Qatna revealed that there are efforts with the Russian side to invest in the tractor factory in Aleppo affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, by providing it with the necessary needs to restore production to it.

He pointed out that Russia has great experience in the field of agricultural machinery production, and it can be benefited from in this field.

Qatana considered that cooperation with the Russian side has entered a new stage through scientific research on animal embryos, "cows - sheep."

In addition to the cooperation between the Agricultural Scientific Research Center in Syria and Russian universities in general, to exchange relevant scientific experiences.