Threatens Israel ... the discovery of a ballistic missile complex in Palmyra under Iranian supervision

 The Israeli "Alma" center reported that Iran is supervising a fortified complex in Jabal Muhammad bin Ali, north of Palmyra, equipped with medium and long-range "ground-to-surface" ballistic missiles.
 Center's report indicated that these missiles are capable of reaching most of the Israeli territory.
It explained that the medium-range missiles are of "Fateh 110" or "Shahab 1" and "Shahab 2" type, Iranian-made and operate on solid fuel, with a range of 300 to 500 km.
It pointed out that the long-range missiles are of the Russian-made "Scud D" type, belonging to Iran, the regime's army and the "Hezbollah" militia, in addition to "Zolfager" missiles, which are the upgraded version of "Fateh 110" missiles, which have a range of 750 kilometers.
According to the center, these missiles can threaten the entire Israeli territory, including Haifa, Tel Aviv and Al-Beersheba region.
 It also indicated, according to what the Syrian event reported, that these missiles threaten US military sites in northeastern Syria in Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah, and at Al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria.
It suggested that the air defense systems were manufactured in Iran and were installed to secure the land corridor of Iran and its militias in general, and the surface-to-surface missiles stationed there in particular, according to what was reported by Syria TV.