Kidnappings increase in Homs for ransom

Sources said that a group affiliated with the "National Defense" militia in Homs city kidnapped seven people from "Al-Rastan" city, north of Homs, including five women, while they were trying to reach "Dabousiya" border area with Lebanon, according to Nidaa Post website.

They added that the militia, whose members are from Talkalakh city, contacted the families of kidnapped and demanded that they pay a "financial ransom" of fifteen million Syrian pounds, to release them.

The source confirmed that the families of kidnapped went to meet the so-called Khairallah Abdel-Bari, who is the commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces within the ranks of the pro-Iranian "47th Brigade", and appealed to him to communicate with the kidnappers, who is from the border of "Talkalakh" city, west of Homs, to release their children.

It is noteworthy that Homs city and its countryside is witnessing a state of security chaos by regime-affiliated militias, including thefts, kidnappings and smuggling operations.