Idlib Education launches a campaign to support cadres who work voluntarily in its schools

The Directorate of Education in Idlib launched a project to support schools whose staff work on a voluntary basis in the liberated area of the governorate in northwestern Syria.

The campaign aims to explain the conditions of schools whose staff work without a salary, and to secure support for them, as the directorate confirmed the presence of four hundred and fifty unsupported schools in Idlib.

The number of cadres working voluntarily, according to the statistics of the Directorate of Education, is 5707 cadres, while the number of students in the 450 voluntary schools is estimated at 130,044 students, while the number of dropouts is 145,258 students.

A recent study issued by ACU showed that 54% of teachers pay their salaries to local humanitarian organizations, while 18% receive their salaries from free education.

While 17% of them receive salaries from international organizations, in addition to 12% receive salaries from the Turkish Maarif Endowment (which provides educational services outside Turkey).

The study included the camps of northwestern Syria, and the results of the study showed that only 6% of the total camp schools that were covered by the evaluation, in which teachers receive additional support materials in addition to their salaries, while teachers within 94% of the schools didn’t receive any additional support materials.