A child was killed in a projectile explosion in Idlib countryside

A child was killed yesterday, Thursday, due to the explosion of a shell from the remnants of previous shelling on the countryside of Idlib, northwestern Syria.

According to local sources, a 23-gun remnant of a previous bombing of the regime exploded yesterday, Thursday, in the vicinity of Taftanaz town in the northern countryside of Idlib, injuring the child "Kamal Idris".

The sources added that the civil defense teams worked to transport the child to the hospital after he was seriously injured, but he died in the hospital.

The sources indicated that the father of the child, "Mohammed Kamal Idris," has been detained in the prisons of the Syrian regime forces for several years, and nothing is known about him.

It is noteworthy that the unexploded remnants of war cause death and injury of dozens of civilians annually in the liberated areas, despite the work of the specialized engineering teams to remove them.