Security tension in Nahata town in the eastern countryside of Daraa

Yesterday, Thursday, local sources reported that Nahata town in the eastern countryside of Daraa witnessed security tension, coinciding with the regime’s security committee conducting the settlement process and inspecting homes, against the background of the residents’ refusal to “submit” to the settlement.

Ahrar Houran Gathering quoted a source as saying that military groups, most of them affiliated with Air Force Intelligence, entered the town yesterday morning, and blew up the house of “Ismail Shukri Al-Daraan,” whose name was mentioned in the wanted lists handed over by the security committee to the town’s notables two days ago.

The source indicated that after the negotiation, “Luqa” reduced the required number to 60 guns, and when the notables asked him for a further reduction, he expelled them from the meeting, and threatened them to enter the Fourth Division, which would destroy their homes and steal their contents, if the required number was not delivered.