The coalition spokesman denies that the coalition launched air strikes in Albu-kamal

The spokesman for the International Coalition, Wayne Maroto, revealed the truth about the news circulating about US planes launching air strikes on vehicles belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border strip.

"The Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve confirms that we did not conduct air strikes in Albu-kamal on September 14, 2021," Maroto said in a tweet via Twitter.

And media sites on social media reported that US planes launched raids last night on vehicles belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces in Albu-kamal border area with Iraq.

Anadolu Agency had quoted an Iraqi army officer as saying that the air strikes that targeted the Popular Mobilization Forces had resulted in heavy casualties among the militias.

It is noteworthy that pro-Iranian Iraqi and Syrian TV channels reported that drones and warplanes targeted with four missiles the guard headquarters on the Syrian-Iraqi border for the Popular Mobilization Forces.