Turkish military and logistical reinforcements are arriving to Idlib

Today, Monday, Turkish forces sent additional military and logistical reinforcements to Idlib, in conjunction with the campaign of air and ground violations of the regime and Russia.

Qasioun's reporter said that Turkish military reinforcements entered this afternoon from Kafr Losin to Idlib region, including logistical and engineering equipment, rooms, prefabricated guards, armored vehicles and ammunition trucks.

Our reporter indicated that the reinforcements headed to the Turkish bases located in the areas of Jabal Al-Zawiya on the contact lines with the regime, south of Idlib.

Two days ago, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar visited the Spring Shield Operations Room / Idlib in Hatay at Point Zero on the Syrian-Turkish border, to see the latest developments.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Defense confirmed that his country is unable to withstand new waves of displacement from the Syrian interior into the Turkish territory, due to the attacks and the threat of war in the region from the loyal media.