35 unidentified bodies found in Afrin, northwest Syria

The bodies of 35 people who were executed shortly before "Olive Branch" operation carried out by the Turkish army in 2018, were found in Afrin area of Aleppo Governorate, northwest Syria.

Following a report, the local security authorities in the area went to new Afrin neighborhood and launched drilling in a field in the neighborhood, according to Anatolia.

The drilling resulted discovery 35 bodies wrapped in bags and buried at a depth of 15-20 meters.

Preliminary investigations showed that the unidentified bodies were executed shortly before the Olive Branch operation launched by the Turkish Armed Forces in cooperation with the Syrian National Army in January 2018, to clear the area of YPG/PKK elements.

It is scheduled to continue the search for more bodies in the same area, today with the sunrise.

It is noteworthy that YPG/PKK organization, during its control of Afrin region before Operation Olive Branch, forced all adults to bear arms, and executed anyone who refused to comply with its orders.

For its part, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that it is possible to find more unidentified bodies in the mass grave that was found earlier Wednesday, in Afrin region of Aleppo Governorate, northwest Syria.

And the ministry said in a statement, via Twitter, that YPG/PKK organization committed another war crime outrageous to humanity.