Israeli bombing targets a military site in Al-Quneitra countryside

This morning, Thursday, the Israeli army carried out an attack targeting a military site of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Al-Quneitra, causing material losses.

Local sources said that the shelling was carried out by tanks, and lasted for ten minutes, targeting a military site in thge town of Al-Qahtaniyah, used by the Hezbollah militia for monitoring and reconnaissance.

The sources added that prominent party officers, led by the leader, "Jawad Hashem", are carrying out periodic reconnaissance missions in the region, in partnership with officers from the Assad army.

The bombing coincided with the Israeli drones dropping leaflets showing pictures of the party’s leader, Jawad Hashem, and an officer from the 90th Brigade in Al-Assad’s army, Bashar Hussein, who oversees coordination between Al-Assad’s forces and the party.

The target point is about 150 meters away from the occupied Syrian Golan, and the Israeli forces monitored several movements of the party there, in previous periods.

It is noteworthy that Israeli warplanes carry out, from time to time, air raids on sites of Al-Assad regime and the militias of Iran and Hezbollah in the vicinity of Damascus, southern Syria, and the Syrian coast, without any response from the regime forces.