Dead and wounded from the regime's intelligence in an explosion in Daraa

A car carrying a group of Al-Assad regime's Political Security militia was ambushed this morning, Wednesday, on the outskirts of the town of Ain al-Ads, in the northern countryside of Daraa, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

"Ahrar Houran Gathering" stated that an explosive device exploded in a car carrying four members of the Political Security, which led to death and injury of four members.

The source added that the elements were on a mission to set up a "temporary" flying checkpoint in the targeted place, as the device was installed in the place where the patrol stands on an almost daily basis.

And the day before yesterday, a member of the engineering units in the regime forces was killed, while he was dismantling an explosive device, planted by unknown persons in the car of an official in Al-Baath Party, near Ahmed Mansour School in Al-Sabil neighborhood in Daraa Al-Mahatta.

The assembly said that the regime forces found two explosive devices near Al-Mahatta Al-Oula School in Al-Kashef neighborhood in Daraa city, last Sunday, and detonated them from a distance.

It is noteworthy that the regime forces and their security militias are subjected to almost daily attacks and bombings in Daraa governorate and its countryside, carried out by unknown gunmen, at a time when the region is witnessing a great security chaos, despite the heavy presence of the regime’s security detachments and military units.