Due to ISIS attacks, Russia evacuates a military post in Deir Ezzor

Local sources confirmed that the Russian forces have evacuated one of their military posts in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, after the increase in attacks by ISIS.

The "Syria TV" website, quoting private sources, said that the Russian forces began the process of evacuating their point in the town of "Kabajib", west of Deir ez-Zor, after the increase in ISIS attacks.

The sources indicated that 8 military vehicles and a logistical material truck transported the elements and all the equipment and weapons in their possession, in addition to logistical requirements such as prefabricated rooms, water tanks, and others.

They added that the number of Russian personnel who were transferred is 25, in addition to 20 members of the "Fifth Corps" as protection, and the headquarters was handed over to the "Fourth Division" of the regime forces.

The sources confirmed that the Russian forces withdrew with protection towards Deir Ezzor Military Airport, on orders of the Russian Forces Command.