Russia and the regime intensify their bombings on the countryside of Idlib and Latakia

Opposition news sources said that Russia and Assad's forces intensify their aerial and ground bombardments on Sunday morning, on several areas in the countryside of Latakia and Idlib.

The opposition Al-Durar al-Shamiya network, quoted its sources in Idlib, confirmed that the Russian warplanes targeted Al-Barnas village in the western countryside of Idlib and Al-Kabina in the northern countryside of Lattakia with several raids.

The network quoted field sources as saying that Russian air strikes targeted Al-Sogaiat, Bogaz and Obeen villages in the western countryside of Jisr Al-Shughour, and the total of the raids reached thirteen raids.

The sources added that more than 150 artillery shells were fired by Al-Assad forces' camps in the Jurin camp, west of Hama, towards Al-Sarmania, Al-Qahirah, Al-Ankawi, Khirbet Al-Naqous in the Al-Ghab Plain, Kafridin, and Hallouz villages, west of Idlib, and Shahrura, Burj Zahia, Kbina, and Burj Al-Hayat villages, north of Lattakia.

The Idlib region is under the ceasefire agreement signed between Turkey and Russia in March of last year, but the bombing of Al-Assad forces and Russia on the region did not stop throughout that period, through intermittent targeting by the air force, ground rockets and artillery.