Report: Russian forces imposed a cordon around Al-Yarmouk camp cemetery and prevented the people from visiting their dead

"Working Group for Palestinians of Syria" accused the Syrian regime and Russia of preventing Al-Yarmouk camp resident in the countryside of Damascus from reaching the "martyrs cemetery."

In a report issued by it, the "Group" said that Russian forces had set up several roadblocks around the cemetery, and since the beginning of Eid Al-Fitr, they have prevented people from visiting the graves of their relatives.

The “Group” added that the checkpoints are stationed at 30-Street, and on the Maghrib neighborhood, to prevent the people from reaching the cemetery.

According to the "working group," the camp residents are likely to continue exhuming graves in search of the remains of Israeli soldiers who were previously missing in Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that local networks in Damascus documented Russia's transfer of the remains of the dead or parts of them to a headquarters belonging to "Palestine Liberation Army" inside the cemetery, after turning it into a laboratory to be examined, in search of remains of Israeli soldiers killed in the Battle of Sultan Yaqoub in Lebanon in 1982.