Bashar's election campaign costs at the expense of Eastern Ghouta merchants by force

The opposition website "Voice of the Capital" said that officers in the military security of Al-Assad regime demanded the owners of economic and commercial activities in Eastern Ghouta cities and towns to bear the costs of Bashar Al-Assad's presidential campaign.

The website stated that Colonel Naim Dayoub, from the military security branch of Al-Assad regime, called the owners of factories, commercial companies and wedding halls for an immediate meeting at the branch’s headquarters in Saqba town.

According to what Al-Durar Al-Shamiya opposition website reported, it indicated that "Dioub", the military security official in the region, assigned the attendees to cover the costs of the election campaign for Bashar al-Assad in the region,

Where Dioub assigned some of the attendees to print the photos and cover the costs of hanging them in the streets of Eastern Ghouta, and others were charged with setting up electoral tents and inviting the people to them, while others were charged with covering the cost of hospitality for those present in those tents.