The international coalition announces its operations outcome against ISIS since the beginning of May

The International Coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq announced the outcome of the military operations against the organization during the month of May.

A spokesman for the coalition, Colonel Wayne Maruto, said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "Our partners in Syria and Iraq, with the support of the coalition, carried out 27 operations against ISIS, and were able to prevent 66 terrorists affiliated with the organization from carrying out terrorist acts against civilians”.

Maruto added that the coalition "supports the efforts of the United Nations investigation team to enhance accountability for the crimes committed by ISIS to seek justice and reconciliation on behalf of all those damaged by ISIS crimes.

From time to time, (unofficial) reports are issued confirming killing hundreds of civilians in raids by the coalition, while the coalition says that its raids are mainly focused on ISIS strongholds, indicating at the same time that few civilian casualties have occurred in its war against the organization.