The Revolutionary Guard prevents the National Defense from establishing a military post in Albu Kamal countryside

On Friday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Militia prevented members of the National Defense Militia from establishing a military observation point near the Revolutionary Guard headquarters next to Hammar oil field, which is under the control of Iranian militias in the countryside of Albu Kamal.

Ein Al-Furat network, quoted a military source, said that National Defense Militia members by Russian-backed tried to establish a military point in the vicinity of Hammar oil field, which led to a major dispute with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia, as a result of the Guards' failure to establish a military point for defense near to it.

The source pointed that the Revolutionary Guards fired in the air to scare the National Defense militia members and force them to withdraw, which made them to withdraw towards Al-Galaa village, promising to return and establish the point by force.

It is mentioned that the two sides exchange accusations with each other continuously about the repeated attacks that target the headquarters and sites of the two sides in the region, as the sites of the National Defense and Iranian militias are exposed to continuous night attacks, most of them led to deaths and injuries on both sides.