Do not vote for the children’s prisoner; Posters in Daraa call for interrupting Al-Assad election play

Daraa governorate, the cradle of the Syrian revolution, has witnessed the publication of posters calling for interrupting the presidential elections that will lead to the victory of the president of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, for a new term.

Local sources indicated that posters and paper leaflets are placed by unknown persons on the walls in Al-Muzayrib town in the western countryside of Daraa, called on the people to interrupt the upcoming presidential elections.

Activists have posted leaflets and posters on walls and placed them on roads and streets, and previously included phrases, "Do not vote for women and children prisoner", "Do not vote for those who displaced half of Syrian population ", "Do not vote for Iran's spoilt agent," and "Do not vote for barrel bombs owner." "Electing a tyrant means death for your children”.

And it wasn’t restricted to Daraa governorate, as posters against Bashar al-Assad and his allies had previously spread in its neighbor As-Suwayda Governorate, after he announced his candidacy for the presidential elections.