US forces are torturing Lebanese Hezbollah militants detained by SDF Forces and investigates with them

Qasioun obtained, through a private source, information that the arm of the PKK organization in Syria, called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia, had arrested members of the Lebanese Hezbollah a week ago, in the city of Qamishli.

A member of Lebanese Hezbollah organization, who did not want to be named, said to one of those close to the source:

"Our forces were in Al-Qamishli airport, and on the night of April 20 we were informed that the SDF militia would launch an attack on Al-Tayy neighborhood, after which all our forces were transferred to the neighborhood in order to support the Syrian regime forces present there.

When we entered the neighborhood, we found ourselves surrounded and we were arrested by SDF militia as hostages, and despite all our appeals to the Syrian regime forces after our arrest, they did not care about the matter and did not even initiate any military attack to save us. "

He added, "Then SDF forces took us to an unknown location, and beat us and tortured us until they handed us over to the Americans who followed up the investigation with us and also tortured us, indicating that the forces of the Syrian regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah in the area insisted on keeping this matter secret."

Most of the officials with whom we were able to communicate with them refused to give us any information in this regard, but a high-ranking leader of Lebanese Hezbollah organization, who asked not to be named, informed us that the developments that took place in Tayy neighborhood were real, and Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian regime forces remained besieged by SDF, and because of the prevention of the Syrian regime forces presented in the area from possessing tanks and heavy weapons, they made him a weak party.

And when the Syrian regime forces tried to save us, the American forces intervened. "

And the same source added, "We had a military force roughly equivalent to that of a brigade in the region, and we were ready to resist the siege imposed on us by Qasd militia if we received any instructions in this regard."

After that, according to information obtained by Qasioun from other close sources, it was reported that Lebanese Hezbollah organization contacted the leadership of PKK organization and SDF militia and expressed its condemnation of the incident of its members being held hostage, handing them over to the Americans, and the use of torture methods against them during the investigation process.

In the same context, the source confirmed that the Syrian regime forces contacted SDF militia and condemned the arrest of Hezbollah members and informed them that there are great pressures being exerted on them by the Iranians and Lebanese Hezbollah in order to force it to take a military move to save the detained Hezbollah members, but it did not make any attempt in this regard until this moment.

The sources also indicated that Lebanese Hezbollah organization requested the Russian forces present in Al-Qamishli - being the guarantor of the ceasefire agreement between the regime forces and the Asayish forces of SDF - to intervene in order to release the detained members of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

However, according to the same sources, the Russian forces have refused to intervene to solve this issue until this moment.

In conjunction with the continuing tension in the region and due to the weakness of the Syrian regime forces, and the Russian position on this matter has not crystallized, it is possible that Lebanese Hezbollah organization will target the American forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to rescue its detained members.