A parliamentarian in the regime claims that Al-Assad is running for the presidency as an ordinary citizen not on behalf of the Baath Party

A member of Al-Assad regime’s parliament claimed that Bashar al-Assad did not run for the presidential elections as a representative of "Al-Baath" party, but rather as an ordinary citizen, confirming that no decisions were issued by the party leadership to do so.

A member of the regime’s People's Assembly, Bassem Sweidan, claimed in a statement to the regime’s media that Bashar al-Assad “is a candidate as a Syrian Arab citizen, and this is not the first time, in 2014 elections, he also did not run for Al-Ba'ath Party.”

On how non-Baathist candidates obtain agreements from members of parliament, Sweidan said that "there is a constitutional national entitlement stipulated in the Syrian constitution, which is the presidential elections," claiming that "this entitlement is a national entitlement and far from partisanship, because it concerns the nation as a whole to elect a president for the homeland for the next period. "