An explosion in an oil tanker in the Syrian port of Baniyas

The Russian Sputnik News Agency reported that an explosion occurred in an oil tanker anchored in the port of Banias city on the Syrian coast.

On Sunday, the agency, quoted its sources, suggested that the cause of the explosion was the continuous maintenance operations that have been taking place on it for some time.

It said that the tanker had been emptied previously and was carrying no oil on board during the explosion.

It explained that the same tanker witnessed a few days ago a fire during the process of unloading its cargo from an oil shipment that arrived in the country, through Banias port.

According to the agency, the information available so far indicates that there were no casualties due to today's explosion.

In turn, the Syrian regime’s SANA news agency quoted the Syrian Oil Transport Company as saying that a technical failure occurred in one of the engines of an oil tanker moored opposite the city of Banias, which led to a slight fire and the appearance of black smoke from the tanker.

The company added that the fire was dealt with by the tanker crew and extinguished immediately without any damage.

And the agency published a picture attributed to it on Twitter, showing columns of smoke rising from the oil tanker.