The implementation of the new bread distribution mechanism will start in Tartous and Hama

Local sources affiliated with the regime said that the application of the new mechanism for distributing bread will begin in Tartous and Hama governorates at the beginning, and then in all governorates of the regime gradually during the year.

The Assistant Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in Al-Assad government, Rifat Suleiman, indicated that the new mechanism for distributing bread via the smart phone will depend on the resettlement of citizens' allocations at the outlets in bakeries, booths, or authorized personnel, to ensure that the material reaches its intended recipients easily.

Suleiman explained to the regime medias, "There will be no messages informing the citizen of the necessity to receive his allowances through a specific outlet."

Indicating that “the new mechanism is based on the citizen’s identification of the selling center, the days that suit him to receive his allowances for the week, and the quantity that he wishes to buy during these days, which the executor has no right to dispose of, so that it remains reserved for him until he receives it.