Kurdish units expel the National Defense Militia from their strongholds in Qamishli

Local sources reported that the Kurdish units, yesterday afternoon, took control of Tayy neighborhood in Qamishli, after expulsion the "National Defense" militia of the Assad regime from it.

Pages belonging to the Kurdish Units stated that their members were combing "Tay" neighborhood, south of Qamishli, on the fifth day of beginning of clashes, following argument between the elements of the two sides, which led to the killing of a member of the units, at Al-Wehda roundabout, last Tuesday.

The same pages also published pictures showing some of the weapons that the "National Defense" militia left behind after their escape from the neighborhood, and others showing the delivery of bodies belonging to them, who were killed during the clashes.

The new developments, according to the opposition Radio Al-Kul, came after the outbreak of clashes on Friday night, after the failure of a second Russian truce, and the two parties earlier exchanged responsibility for breaking it.